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Zoe Mullins


Easey Street Artist Studios, Collingwood, Melbourne, Australia.


Melbourne based artist Zoe Mullins, has developed a practice which looks into the delicate patterns and forms found in nature in a way which seeks to draw attention to the intricacies and inherent beauty present in our environment and in the internal structures of the organic.


Now as a fine artist working predominately in oils, her style has evolved through experimentation with a variety of mediums, techniques and subject matter. The works place an emphasis on tonality, simplicity and balance and are imbued with the symbolic, they detail various amalgamations and abstractions of nature. The character of the work aims to lend itself to a transparency of interpretation.


Having completed a Bachelor of Fine Arts at the V.C.A in 2012, Zoe has since exhibited in selected Melbourne Galleries, her work is part of several private collections.

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