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From the series WILD RIBBONS @

Alternating Current Art Space. 2018.

"Wild Ribbons" is a series of works developed in response to the artist's explorations into the natural Australian landscape, in particular the Wilson's Promontory National Park or Yiruk Wamoon as known by the traditional land owners, the Boon Wurrung, Bunurong and Gurnalkurnai people. 

These works reference native flora and are a response to both experience and ecology whilst exploring a sense of place. The process of collation and meditation translates into a dialogue surrounding the poetic and the symbolic.

The intuitive amalgamation of abstracted organic patterns and forms found amongst our coastal ecosystems seek to draw attention to the inherent beauty and transient nature of our environment, with the character of the work lending itself to a transparency of interpretation. 

By linking the feminine with a natural place, Mullins references both a personal understanding of the environment as well as an intrinsic connection to collective consciousness and the archetypal.

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